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Yesterday, around 3pm, I was no longer apart of the 70 percentile from my graduating class of '12.

I have a job. In my career field.

In St. Louis.

I am working downtown in a web design firm, and will be starting 2 weeks from now. My new co-workers seem like they should be enjoyable to work with, and I should learn quite a bit from them. One of their winning comments: "Oh yeah, we have beer in the fridge. You're welcome to any of them."

This means packing up things from both of my current places of residence, moving them, and buying extra needed furniture. Already have a few apartment buildings scouted out, and will be heading over this weekend to look.

I am trying to keep this under wraps, as I have a second interview with a graphic design job this Friday. We'll see how that one goes, but unless they are promising the world, I think I am sticking with St. Louis.

I also began to watch Sgt. Keroro, as recommended by a friend. At first, I was a little disturbed by all of the randomness... By the second season however, it has begun to grow on me. If I can still goto ACen, I am considering cosplaying Koyuki since the same friend will be cosplaying another one of the characters. We will see..

2013 is a good year.
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just peachy

This last week was my work place's pot luck, and I was scratched my head throughout the week on what to bring. What would be delicious, and light enough for the summer heatwave we've had. I walked through our town's local farmer's market on my way home from work on Tuesday and found my answer.

Peach Cobbler.

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Easy, right? Give it a shot. I dare you.
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all i want for christmas is a new year with you

It feels like an eternity since I got to do one of these posts.. One of my best friends came over yesterday, and we baked until we dropped.. And then went onto decorating. We made the most original batch of cookies I think I've ever seen. We started at 2pm and didn't really get to stop until.. 2am. We both had fun though, and will be able to remember this for years. "Remember that year that we were loco and baked 12 hours straight? Wasn't that great?"

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daddy long legs, pumpkins, and parties.. oh my!

We (my family and I) ended up having a party for all of our friends this past Wednesday, and I was put in charge of desserts (surprise!) I thought about it for awhile, and almost took the easy route.. Almost. Instead, I took the creative route and put more time and effort into it.. And came out with some fun desserts that helped the party along.

It's the Great Pumpkin Patch Cupcake Rack, Charlie Brown!

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The party was a success, and the desserts received a lot of compliments. It's fun being an artist/baker ♥